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Camp Organized to Address Various Public Health Issues

The Department of Health and Medical Service, led by Chief Officer Felix Langat, is preparing for a Medical Health Camp at Koiwa Sub County Hospital.

Mr. Langat expressed his appreciation for the dedication and support of the team and partners in organizing this crucial event focusing on enlightening the public on health matters.

Scheduled to take place this Saturday, the Health Camp aims to raise awareness among the public regarding a spectrum of health issues. These include nutrition, chronic diseases such as TB, HIV/AIDS, and Cervical Cancer, as well as addressing concerns such as teenage pregnancies, malaria, and vaccination uptake.

In a statement, Mr. Felix Langat emphasized the importance of such initiatives in promoting community health and well-being. Thus, “Our goal is to empower individuals with knowledge and resources to take control of their health,” stated Mr. Langat. The goal is to reduce the impact of prevalent health issues and promote a healthier society through education and access to essential services.

In addition to the health awareness sessions, the team will also visit the Koiwa rehabilitation center. Here, they will assess the progress of the first cohort of individuals undergoing rehabilitation for substance addiction.

This holistic approach underscores the commitment of the Department of Health and Medical Service and its partners towards addressing both physical and mental health concerns within the community.

By Lamech Willy. A

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