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CAS Mosonik urges Bomet County to invest in sports

There is need for the County Government of Bomet to find ways of revamping sports and nurturing new talents, Cabinet Administrative Secretary for Petroleum and Mining Dr. Eng. John Mosonik has said.

Eng. Mosonik said the county was endowed with numerous talents which remained untapped following inadequate sporting facilities and training.

The CAS who spoke during a fundraiser in aid of Silibwet Football Club said local talents were to be nurtured from when individuals were still green saying the county department in charge of sports should go round the schools in the county to headhunt for exceptional sportsmen and women.

He said the County Government should allocate enough budget for the same saying provision of enough training required funding of modern training facilities as well as the latest equipment.

He cited the Silibwet FC which he said to have stood the test of time to rise to super league level while grabbling with dismal budgets as well as lack of a proper training grounds.

Silibwet FC rose to provincial level in the 1990s after it begun in the 80s before qualifying to division one in 2008 and later joined the super league in 2019.

“This achievement is no mean feat, it is enough to say this home grown club has stood a test of time and has defied the odds to achieve its potential,” he said.

“We should strive to uplift the status of all sporting activities in the County by putting enough budget if the dreams of talented youths are to be realised.”

The CAS said sports sector was one of the key sources of employment while reiterating the need for harnessing young talents especially in schools.

By Kipngeno Korir

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