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Cash crops revolution gains momentum in Arror

To encourage the ongoing Cash Crops Revolution in Elgeyo Marakwet County, The Department of Agriculture and Co-operatives organized a pivotal sensitization meeting at the Kabanon/Kapkamak irrigation scheme in Arror ward Marakwet West sub-county.

The primary focus was to encourage local farmers to embrace cash crops, particularly those with high economic value, along the valley, aiming to significantly enhance the livelihoods of small-holder farmers.

The Kabanon/Kapkamak irrigation scheme has emerged as a beacon of success, recently celebrating a bountiful harvest of 105 tonnes of sorghum. This impressive yield underscores the potential for further growth in cash crop production within the region.
A key strategy highlighted during the meeting is the implementation of contract farming. Edwin Seronei, the CEC Agriculture, emphasized the importance of certified seed distribution and effective marketing to ensure the success of this venture.

Contract farming not only provides stability in the supply chain but also guarantees a market for the produced cash crops, thereby fortifying the economic gains for the local farmers.

“We shall focus on contract farming to ensure certified seed distribution and marketing,” CEC Agriculture Edwin Seronei said.

The Department of Agriculture and Co-operatives has taken a proactive stance in securing sustainable markets for its members, particularly those inclined towards venturing into cotton and sunflower farming.

This initiative is designed to accommodate farmers regardless of the size of land at their disposal. The assurance of a consistent market is expected to instill confidence among farmers, fostering increased participation in the cultivation of high-value cash crops.

CEC Agriculture Edwin Seronei disclosed that plans are underway to introduce cotton seeds along the valley, a move that aligns with the department’s commitment to diversify and strengthen the local agricultural landscape.

The retail price for cotton seeds is set at Ksh. 55 per kilo, making it an affordable and lucrative option for farmers looking to explore this new avenue.

The adoption of cash crops is not just seen as an economic opportunity but also as a means of improving food security and creating a sustainable agricultural ecosystem.

The Department of Agriculture and Co-operatives envisions a future where the Cash Crops Revolution becomes a cornerstone for rural development, empowering local communities and propelling them towards economic prosperity.

As the initiative gains momentum, it is evident that the concerted efforts of the Department of Agriculture and Co-operatives are making a tangible impact on the farming landscape in Arror Ward. The promise of a thriving market and the introduction of new cash crops signal a brighter future for local farmers, offering them the potential for increased income and improved standards of living.

By Rennish Okong’o

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