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Cash Transfer for Ijara Drought Victims

Save the Children organization has rolled out a three months’ relief response programme to cushion vulnerable children from ravages of drought in Garissa County.

Save the Children Programme Manager Yussuf  Gedi said the assistance targets selected  households in Ijara and Hulugho sub counties and will benefit from a cash transfer of Sh 5,522 every month to boost the nutritional and health status of children in drought stricken areas.

“We will roll out the cash assistance for 969 households in Ijara and 1132 households for nutrition and health outreaches in 28 sites in Ijara and 35 sites in Hulugho where by each house hold will receive ksh5522 for three month of October, November and December’ he said.

He said other drought intervention measures the programme covers include screening of patients for malnutrition and implementation of water trucking to health facilities, rehabilitation of boreholes and related water points to ensure residents accessed clean water.

A lactating mother covers long distance to fetch water due to drought.

Gedi added that at least 187 households in Ijara and 96 others in Hulugho Sub counties were provided with hygiene kits while another, 678 households in Ijara Sub County and 730 households in Hulugho Sub County were offered animal feeds.

Assistant County commissioner Mr Dubat Hassan Mohamed however urged NGOs operating in Ijara constituency to liaise the steering group committees to avoid duplications of activities.

Mohamed who stood in for Ijara Deputy County Commissioner Willy Chemboi at the meeting told stakeholders to liaise with sub County steering groups in Hulugho, Bothai and Ijara Sub-Counties three to ensure all areas were covered.

He also commended Non-governmental organisations, World Food Programme, well-wishers, World Vision International and national drought management authority NDMA for their efforts of assisting the community from the morass of want and effect of drought catapulted by climate change worldwide.

The meeting was attended by all departmental heads, supreme council of Kenya Muslims representative sheikh Ahmed Abass among others.

By Mohamed Dahir 


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