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Cassava key to food security

29-year old Luke Masika Khisa, a graduate in general agriculture from Sang’alo Institute of Science and Technology, Bungoma County has embarked on a mission to train farmers on cassava farming for sustainable food production.

Khisa who is very passionate in agriculture developed his passion in agriculture at an early age since his family depended on agriculture to educate him and his siblings.

According to him, cassava farming is most suitable following the climatic changes that are being experienced now.

“I chose the cassava crop because the climate changes that are being experienced mostly affects the plants that our people depend on such as maize, therefore cassava can withstand those changes,” Khisa added.

Speaking to KNA, Luke said that if the climate changes will continue being experienced, it is only cassava that will save the people from starving.

Khisa got attached at YARA Company during his internship where the company trained him and identified his passion in farming.

After completing his studies, Khisa was employed by BEAR East Africa. He worked in Kakamega till early this year when YARA East African employed him to train farmers in Bungoma.

According to Khisa, cassava farming can earn a farmer up to Sh 300,000 per harvest on one acre of land.

He provides cassava farming training sessions at Kabula and Sang’alo farmers’ school where he imparts knowledge to farmers on the benefits of farming of cassava and other cash crops.

“I have changed the life of many farmers both in Kakamega and Bungoma,” Khisa added.

Khisa partners with the department of agriculture’s extension office, West Sang’alo ward, YARA Company, ADS western and Agano farmers group to provide agricultural extension services to ensure sustainable food production.

“Our department has a responsibility in ensuring that farmers get vast knowledge on agriculture to ensure sustainable food production,” Daniel Masika Wasike, an agricultural extension officer at West Sang’alo ward, said.

Mr. Wasike urged farmers from across the county to come and get this free knowledge that will help them produce both food and cash crops cheaply.

Rosemary Nasimiyu who is an officer from Agano service center said the experience and teachings she received from Luke has enabled her to expand her farming skills in various crops.

By Mwangi Oliver and Roseland Lumwamu

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