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Catholic Bishop impress upon parents to constructively support their children

Parents have been advised to desist from demanding too much from their children academically as doing so negatively affected their development.

The  Embu Catholic Bishop Paul Kariuki instead advised parents to concentrate much on the positive side of their children if they want them to improve.

Bishop Kariuki made the remarks at Aquinas Boys High school in Nairobi County over the weekend during a fund raiser to aid implementation of school projects.

“You have a cardinal duty of seeing the strength and positive side of your children academic journey,” he emphasized. A total of 5.2 million shillings was realized.

“It is not proper when parents go scrutinizing the weakness in the performance of their children after an examination and casting a blind eye on the positive side. When your child does well in some subjects, that is what you as a parent should look at and not the ones that they have gotten low marks,” he said echoing the Education Cabinet  Secretary, Prof. George Magoha sentiments.

He challenged students to maintain discipline while at school and home in order to succeed academically and in future careers.

“If students maintain law and order, they can attract sponsorship from various institutions which would help them advance and specialize in different areas that would later benefit the community,” he added.

The  Makadara MP, George Aladwa, an alumni of the school contributed Sh.200, 000 and promised to support future projects.

He called on successful people not to forget schools they studied in but to instead go back and support them in whatever way to improve academic standards. “You can support through harambees, aiding needy students from vulnerable families or in kind by giving schools what they lack, for instance equipment.

Aquinas high school has improved tremendously in National examinations in the past three years. In 2017 the school scored a mean score of C- of 4.98, while in 2018 they managed a C of 5.83 and in 2019 a C of 6.29 points

By  Lydia  Shiloya

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