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Catholic faithful in Meru reach out to the vulnerable people

South Imenti Dean, Fr. Francis Gaciata has mobilized catholic faithful in the deanery to donate food, masks and sanitizers in aid of the vulnerable persons during these trying times of Coronavirus outbreak.
Speaking to the media at Nkubu town, Fr. Gaciata said many people had heeded the call saying he was not able to quantify what had been contributed so far, saying Christians started making their donations at the beginning of the Easter period.
The cleric said the donations were being received at the Parish level, where a few church leaders volunteer to do the packing ready for distribution to the already identified beneficiaries at the prayer house level.
Fr. Gaciata was quick to say the donations were not limited to benefit the catholic faithful only, adding that the initiative was made to ensure every vulnerable person or child in the community was reached.
He noted that with the onset of the prevailing pandemic and the dusk to dawn curfew, people living in urban areas, especially those who depended on casual engagements to put food on their tables.
The Dean appreciated all those who had continued to voluntarily bring in their donations to support the poor in the community along with others, who had sacrificed their time and energy to reach the beneficiaries in their homes.
Fr. Gaciata urged the government to be more proactive in taking stringent measures against anybody found to be taking advantage of the pandemic to exploit the poor and those flouting directives given by the Ministry of Health to contain the virus.
He further challenged those entrusted with the resources set aside by the national and county governments take care of the vulnerable people in various communities to uphold the fear of God, so as to execute their duties with honesty and accountability and ensure the target population felt the direct presence of the government.
The Priest also urged those given the task of identifying the vulnerable people and groups in their areas of jurisdiction to be driven by honesty to be able to present genuine cases for assistance.
Fr. Gaciata regretted that some government representatives especially in rural areas were a liability to the employer, having given in to being compromised and manipulated by the few selfish individuals at the expense of the larger deserving group.
By Makaa Margaret

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