CBC assessment kicks off in Eastern Region

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Over  400, 000 pupils in grade three in Eastern region have started their Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) assessment test.

During  an inspection tour of the progress of the exercise, the Eastern Regional Director of Education (RDE), Patrick Khaemba  said the assessment is to gauge performance of certain tasks and grading the pupils generally without awarding marks.

“Unlike the past where we relied on written tests with the sole purpose of getting who is better than who, CBC assessment focus on evaluating the learners on ability to perform certain tasks,” noted  Khaemba.

The  RDE said that the CBC assessment has created anxiety among the teachers and learners, adding during his visits to schools in Kitui and Mwingi, he saw learners being engaged in making of equipment such as improvised wheelbarrows and aprons.

“Soon Kenyans will appreciate that learners are not competing for positions but enjoying their tasks.

Khaemba  singled out negative attitude towards the system as the main challenge they were facing.

“There has been misconception that one can learn only when tested by writing and ranked and now quite a number of teachers have been trained and are on the forefront advocating for the CBC. The system is more relieving and work is easy,” he noted.

The  Iveche Primary School Head teacher, Joyce  Njamio noted that the CBC has made learning interesting resulting to rise in enrolment adding they were already identifying talents from these young learners.

“The enrolment of the school has gone high by 5 per cent and we are receiving learners who have been transferred from private schools,” observed Ms. Njamio.

She further noted that the school has engaged all the parents concerning the new curriculum and teachers have been trained and are looking forward to continuous training in future.

Ms. Njamio noted that use of improved materials make it interesting and cheaper for parents and besides allow learners to sharpen their minds and creativity.

By  Kimani  Tirus

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