CBC classrooms to be completed after KCSE exams

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All Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) class construction that will not be finalized by March 13 will have to be finalized after the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams because no contractor will be allowed into school compounds once the national exams start.

Migori Deputy County Commissioner Mr Benson Karani, while visiting various CBC projects with the Suna East Evaluation Committee Members, noted that it will be impossible to continue with constructions within schools during the exam period, hence the need to halt incomplete constructions.

The Suna East Sub County has already launched two CBC classrooms at Nyabisawa Girls and Kadika Girls, while six more are at the very final finishing stages of fitting with electricity and painting the structures.

Suna Migori Director of Education Mr Wilson Amollo, said that the contractors were aware that failure to complete their projects before the commencement of the KCSE, will lead to a delay in their payments.

“If contractors do not finish their work before March 13, then they will have to wait for more than two weeks to resume the work. We will not allow any work to continue during the exam period,” noted the officer.

He however, asked the contractors to liaise with the public work officials who are committee members of the CBC project to ensure that necessary documentation is done in time and presented to him for their approval of their payments.

“I am urging the contractors not to wait for the launch of the classrooms before presenting the documentation for processing,” stated Amollo.

In February this year during a county CBC evaluation committee meeting that was chaired by Migori County Commissioner Mr Meru Mwangi, and Migori County Director of Education, Mr Jacob Onyiego, the ten sub county committees promised to complete their projects by February 20.

The Sub County was allocated 21 CBC classes in 19 secondary schools during the first phase.

By Geoffrey Makokha

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