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CDF to fund Visually Impaired School in West Pokot

The sole school for Visually Impaired children in West Pokot County St. Francis School for the Visually Impaired is set for an upgrade as education stakeholders come on board to ensure a conducive learning environment.

The school located within Kapenguria Town has been grappling with infrastructure challenges among them the lack of a modern laboratory and staff room.

Kapenguria Member of Parliament Mr. Samuel Moroto who presided over a funds drive during celebrations of the St. Francis Day in the school, said his office will fund the construction of a modern laboratory and a staff room using his office in order to upgrade the school attract more learners with special needs.

“There are several children with disabilities who are unable to access education because the school lacks significant infrastructure hence some either stay at home or opt for similar school in other regions,” said Moroto.

The school offers special education to the visually impaired learners for both primary and secondary level and despite having different managements; there are some facilities that they still share after the secondary section moved to their own compound.

He promised to donate a school bus to the secondary school which currently is being shared just like other infrastructure with the primary section.

 “I will buy a bus for the secondary section for them to have it easier to participate in all academic and co-curricular activities. These types of learners have a right to enjoy the same facilities just like any learners in other schools,” said the lawmaker.

Moroto appealed to other well-wishers to come up and support the school for the learners to have a conducive environment for learning.

“I welcome all who can support this school from both the national government and non-governmental organizations as these learners need a lot of care,” he said and lauded his Westlands counterpart Mr. Tim Wanyonyi for supporting the school tirelessly saying that political differences should not hinder development.

Wanyonyi who sent his Personal Assistant (PA) Mr. Vincent Samburuno stated that his boss is passionate about supporting people living disabilities irrespective of the region they are.

Sambururo said that the MP who is also the chairperson of the Kenya Disability Parliamentary Association (KEDIPA) is ready to support any activities associated with people with disabilities across the country adding that it has been his duty under the ‘Tim Wanyonyi Foundation’.

West Pokot Deputy Assembly Speaker Mr. Victor Plimo said plans are underway for the assembly to change the bursary policy to include all persons with disabilities to benefit from the kitty to enable parents to avail their children to school.

St Francis Primary School head teacher Mr. Michael Poisho appealed to the government to fast-track the issuance of birth certificates, saying it is a challenge for it is a document to enter data for learners.

Poisho also appealed to the county government to support the remuneration of the support staff saying that the learners need caretakers and other needs for learning to take place.

“I appeal to the county government to support the remuneration for the support staff, these learners need caretakers and other personnel who are paid by the school. It has been difficult to raise funds as the national government cannot cater for their wages,” said the head teacher who noted that his school has a total enrollment of 107 pupils.

He added that the school sponsored by the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) has produced prominent personalities in the country among them politicians, athletes and teachers.

By Richard Muhambe and Maurice Osore

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