Celebrations Rock Kiambu after Supreme Court Verdict

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Hundreds of Kiambu residents om Monday broke into street celebrations after the Supreme Court of Kenya upheld the 9th August election victory of President elect Dr. William Ruto as the Fifth president of the republic.

Jubilant supporters poured into the streets of Kiambu clad in United Democratic Alliance  UDA party colours of yellow and green to celebrate the court ruling after it unanimously ruled that the declaration that Dr Ruto won the election was valid.

It was songs and dances moments after the mid-day ruling that culminated after a protracted legal battle at the apex court where Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga had petitioned the election citing irregularities.

The Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition party had filed a petition accusing the independent Electoral and Boundary Commission (IEBC) of bungling the election but the court dismissed the allegations on grounds that evidence submitted were not credible to warrant a nullification of the exercise.

Excited residents Kiambu who spoke to KNA after the ruling in the afternoon said they were happy with the announcement saying country could finally move on after the suspense and uncertainty that followed the pending petition.

Ann Wambui, one of the residents who was in the streets of Kiambu together with other women, thanked Kiambu residents for being calm as  Kenyans awaited the ruling of the court.

“I take this opportunity to thank all the Kiambu residents because they took part in choosing Hon William Ruto and believing in him. I would also thank Martha Koome and their team for taking part in this case. I know that Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi together with Hon William Ruto will do a great job in this country and to the people of kiambu. “She stated

Stephen Maina, also a resident in Kiambu said he was happy with the judges ruling .   “Thank you so much to our judges for making sure that you have gotten the solution concerning this case. As Kiambu residents and the whole of the Country we have been praying for a good decision to come out of this”.

Maina, who is a farmer, said despite the win, he would want the president Ruto to ensure that fertilizer, petroleum and cooking oil prices are reduced so that farmers can be able to sell their products and earn something from that.

Isaac Kimani hanked the residents for maintaining peace in the country as they were waiting to hear the final results.

“I am very impressed by how Kenyans maintained peace after elections and even as the case was on going. Many are the times that we have had fights on such instances but this time round the country was peaceful. “he said.

Meanwhile, Joel Juma who resides in Kiambu town and was an Azimio supported told KNA that although he was routing for Raila Odinga , the courts had ruled and that the judgement  was final and they just had to fight another

The county recorded the highest number of voters in which Dr Ruto garnered 606,428 out of 1. 2 million registered voters equivalent to 73.49 percent.

The United Democratic Alliance party enjoys massive support in the populous county and managed to clinched 11 parliamentary seats in the just concluded polls

By Wangari Ndirangu and Fridah chomba.

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