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Centre for international arbitration starts 2022-2027 strategic plan

Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration (NCIA) has Wednesday launched the 2022-2027 second strategic plan to be a key milestone as they recast their long-term goals in repositioning to take leadership in the field of Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR).

This strategic plan has been prepared through a participatory process involving both internal and external stakeholders to promote a business-wise culture leading to long-term growth at Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration.

Speaking during the event, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration Lawrence Muiruri stated that the centre seeks to better adapt innovative strategies and cutting-edge technologies while fostering collaboration at all levels.

“The center is mandated to promote, facilitate and encourage the conduct of international commercial arbitration by administering domestic and international arbitration as well as alternative dispute resolution techniques to ensure arbitration is deserved,” said Muiruri.

He added that the centre will pursue strategic themes to increase access to predictable and reliable ADR services, ensuring leadership in international arbitration and ADR Kenya, enhancing institutional visibility, digital enabled arbitration and ADR service transformation to optimize capacity for growth and sustainability.

“This strategic plan sets out coherent, systematic and sustainable road map on which to anchor the center’s programmes and operational initiatives for the 2022/2023-2026/2027 period.    The proposed activities of plan will provide effective guidance to the center’s operation as we will facilitate efficient operations through optimization of resources to support stakeholders at all levels,” he added.

The CEO further reiterated that the plan’s implementation will provide the actual process through which the Centre’s strategic goals will be realized through their operations, directorates and divisions that will translate the strategic goals into reality.

In her remarks, NCIA chairperson Jacqueline Oyuyo Githinji who spoke during the launch of the strategic plan said the plan will focus on various key results that will enable NCIA to realize its vision, mission and mandate.

“I am confident that this strategic plan will yield improved performance in the overall service delivery of the centre to its stakeholders and consequently became a world class alternative dispute resolution organization that is recognized and valued by the ADR community both locally and internationally,” said Githinji

She pointed out that with increased trade in the national, regional and international markets, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms play a vital role in ensuring a conducive environment for business and creating confidence among investors since the strategic plan takes advantage of opportunities presented across the globe to foster dispute resolutions.

By Hellen Mwangi and Irene Mwende

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