Charlene Ruto urges youth to be innovative

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President William Ruto’s daughter Charlene Ruto has encouraged young people to be innovative and work together in order to promote youth empowerment and inclusion.

Speaking during a Youth Empowerment Summit at Kisii University, Ms Ruto noted that the youth come from diverse places and backgrounds and therefore, display different sets of skills that can come in handy while tackling the challenges they face in society.

“The youth are brilliant and need to use the available avenues to share their creative ideas and reach out to different audiences in order to create an impact in the community,” she said.

She noted that youth empowerment involves supporting one another and ensuring that those who are lagging behind are uplifted in order for them to realize their dreams.

The President’s daughter encouraged the young people to reach out to policymakers who can adapt their ideas and mentor them as well as work towards creating a youth-friendly environment for young people to thrive.

Ms.Ruto urged the youth to take advantage of government support and liaise with the local leadership so as to benefit from opportunities set aside for them at the grassroots level such as the Youth Fund.

The Youth Summit was hosted by the Kisii County Universities & Colleges Association and involved discussions around innovation, leadership, and climate change.

By Dedan Mwembi

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