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Chicken business propel Maua town’s poultry industry to new heights

Maua Town, known for its thriving agricultural sector, has recently witnessed a remarkable surge in the chicks and chicken selling business. This surge has propelled the local poultry industry to unprecedented heights, transforming Maua into a hub of poultry commerce and resulting in economic growth.

The once humble enterprise of raising and selling chicks and chickens has now evolved into a highly competitive and lucrative industry. Poultry farmers in Maua have embraced advanced breeding techniques and effective marketing strategies to meet the escalating demand.

Local farmers, renowned for their commitment to quality and excellence, have become the driving force behind the success of the chick and chicken business. These dedicated individuals have honed their skills over generations, passing down time-honored knowledge that ensures the production of healthy and robust birds.

Speaking to KNA, Mr John Smith, a poultry farmer and business person in Maua town has established himself as a prominent figure in the town’s thriving chick and chicken selling business.

Smith, a poultry enthusiast, has developed an impressive reputation for his commitment to providing top-tier chicks and chickens to Maua Town and its neighboring communities. The attention to detail and exceptional care he dedicates to his birds have earned him a loyal following of customers who are impressed by the quality of his poultry.

He maintains that Maua’s strategic location has also played a vital role in the industry’s flourishing success. Situated in the heart of the region, the town enjoys excellent transport connectivity, facilitating the distribution of chicks and chickens to neighboring towns like Laare, Kangeta, Muthara and Karama.

“The economic impact of this thriving industry cannot be underrated since business has become a significant contributor to Maua’s local economy, generating employment opportunities and fostering sustainable growth. Local residents have found new avenues of employment, whether it be in hatcheries, farms, or delivering services,” says smith who has so far employed two individuals who deliver the chicken and eggs to various customers including hotels and schools.

He adds that a one-month-old improved Kienyeji and white broiler chick goes at Sh250 and Sh300 respectively while a fully grown chicken sells between Sh800 to Sh1200 for hens and Sh800 to Sh1500 for a rooster.

“In a good day I make a profit of Sh4000 to Sh5000,” says Smith adding that he is capable of educating his three children, paying rent and other bills through his business which he began five years ago with a mere Sh5000.

Moreover, Maua’s chick and chicken sellers have leveraged the power of digital platforms to expand their customer base and amplify their reach. With the advent of e-commerce, these business owners have embraced online marketing including WhatsApp and Facebook, allowing them to connect directly with customers across a wide range of market.

“I am happy about the positive impact of social media, especially in the business sector. I am able to link-up with most of my consumers through WhatsApp and Facebook where they make their orders,” adds Selina Nkatha who is also in the poultry business in Maua town.

Furthermore, the ripple effect of this booming business has positively impacted other business sectors in the town including suppliers of poultry feed, equipment like feeders, drinkers, egg crates, and veterinary services which have also experienced a surge in demand hence creating a vibrant ecosystem of interconnected businesses that thrive on the success of the chick and chicken industry.

Nkatha noted that the business has thrived amid challenges like high feed costs, disease outbreaks, and unaffordability of vaccines due to steadfast commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.

She urged residents to diversify from miraa business which has faced myriad of challenges including lack of international market and embrace poultry farming.

Nkatha however called upon the government to construct market shades to remedy losses incurred as a result of harsh weather conditions like strong winds, sunlight and heavy rains.

By Kamanja Maeria and Isaiah Mutharimi


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