Chiefs, assistants crucial in war against illicit brew

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Chiefs and their assistants in Lugari Sub-County are playing a crucial role to ensure the campaign against illicit brew succeeds.

Team work among government administrators, Lugari Sub-County Deputy County Commissioner William Lenaremo, say illicit brewing and drugs substance abuse war is succeeding.

He said he had briefed all government administration machinery under him to put their energies against brewing and consumption of outlawed brew and drugs abuse.

The DCC admitted that the work of Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs and Nyumba Kumi network is impressive in efforts to eliminate illicit brew, drug substance abuse and even contraband goods.

Lenaremo said that chiefs and his team at the grassroots understand better the behaviour and activities of people under them and therefore they possess first-hand information.

“I have always succeeded in ensuring government directives are followed at the grassroots through the efforts of the administrators under me,” DCC said while emphasizing the strength of team work in government.

The DCC revealed that for the past two months administrators made impromptu raids to various illicit brew dens in the villages and netted thousands of litres of illicit brew commonly known as Kangara used in making chang`aa since the government RRI began.

“Illicit brewing contributes to poverty and insecurity since our young and energetic men and women are lost in the drinking dens and the only thing they can do to get money is stealing. This is why we should all join hands to eradicate the illicit brew,” said Lenaremo.

He however appealed to the public to provide relevant information that will facilitate the fight against illicit brewing within the Sub-County, reiterating that his office will not relent in the fight against the brew and other outlawed substances.

Lenaremo revealed that he was working closely with neighbouring Sub-Counties so that illicit brewing and drug substance abuse is put under control within the region.

He encouraged chiefs and their assistants, village elders to continue carrying out impromptu crackdowns with an aim of arresting those involved in outlawed illicit brewing and arranging them in court.

By Geoffrey Satia

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