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Chiefs to Keep Tabs on Development Projects.

Chiefs and their assistants in Kiambu County have been authorized to do follow up on development projects within their localities and report back on their progress.

Kiambu County Commissioner Mr. Wilson Wanyanga, while addressing Deputy and Assistant County Commissioners, Chiefs and their Assistants Sunday at the St. Peter and Paul Catholic Churche in Kiambu told the administrators to keenly keep tabs on all  government projects within areas of their jurisdictions to ensure they were on course.

He expressed fears that many projects initiated deep in remote locations where scrutiny was minimal could easily stall or be abandoned by contractors without notice and asked the chiefs and their assistants to identify them and update his office on their status.

He noted that most of the projects had consumed millions of shillings only to be abandoned along the way for some reason or the other without the knowledge of the relevant offices.

“If there is any of such projects in your area, get details then report so that action is taken since we must not allow public funds to go to waste on moribund projects,” said Mr. Wanyanga

He told the chiefs that they were part of the CDICC at the grassroots level and that they should be knowledgeable with all projects in their territories including the percentage of work done at any one time and for the completed ones, it they were benefitting the local people as envisaged.

Existence of CDICC has since inception in January 2019 been able to bring on board officers from the National Government and those from the County Government of Kiambu thus bringing harmony in project implementation. It has also helped eliminate duplication and allowed accountability of the money budgeted for specific projects.

Mr. Wanyanga was briefing the meetings on the County Development Implementation Coordination Committee (CDICC) which is charged with foreseeing the roll out of the Big 4 Agendas of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

CDICC was formed by President Kenyatta via order Executive Order paper No.1 of 2019 and comprises of County commissioner who chairs the committee while other members are County Intelligence Officer and the County Information Officer, County Directors of MDAs and SAGAs and the PDU’s Delivery Director  Ms. Bancy Wamuyu who is the secretary to the committee.

By Lydia Shiloya




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