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Chiefs urged to sensitize residents to protect road drainage systems

The chairperson of the Kasipul National Government-Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF), Lonny Rapemo, has asked chiefs to sensitise residents against blocking water drainage systems along the road.

He said the blocked drainage system has been identified as the source of rainwater runoff flooding farms and homes, causing havoc during rainy seasons in Rachuonyo south subcounty.

“During the construction of new roads, drainage systems are always well designed to enable the free flow of rainwater, but once blocked, the water goes to farms, homes, and even roads, affecting traffic,” he said.

The CDF chairperson urged chiefs to sensitise residents during public barazas on the need to have open and free water drainage systems along the roads to reduce rainwater flowing to farms and homes, which is becoming disastrous.

Rapemo, speaking at the close of the Rachuonyo subcounty disaster preparedness and management meeting on Wednesday, said the problem of blocked drainage systems is common in areas where residents are engaged in brick making, where they block drainage to create pathways so that buyers can access their bricks.

David Kiprop, area Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), said the aim of the meeting was to put in place measures to minimise loss of life and property in case the ongoing rains turn out to be disastrous.

The meeting resolved on the need for continuous and sustained education and sensitization campaigns among members of the public to map out vulnerable areas and involve critical stakeholders and partners in disaster management.

“There is also a need to remain continually observant and note early warning signs of impending disaster,” said the DCC.

By Moseti Julius

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