Church Covid-19 drive receives Sh10 million boost from Brookside Dairy

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A Charity drive by the Catholic Archdiocese of Nyeri to feed families affected by the Covid-19 pandemic has received a major boost following a donation of Sh10 million from Brookside Dairy.
The initiative dubbed ‘Hope 4 You’ which is a joint venture between the Archdiocese of Nyeri and the Diocese of Kitui was launched two months ago with the aim of cushioning families facing economic downturns as a result of the pandemic from starvation.
Archbishop Muheria said so far the initiative has been able to raise over Sh10 million and reaching over 5, 200 families with food aid in Nyeri, Kitui and three other dioceses in the country.
“This is the biggest boost we have gotten so far and will aid in reaching a similar number of households,” said Archbishop Muheria while receiving a dummy cheque of the donation from officials of the milk processor.
He at the same time appealed to more partners to come on board as the number of needy cases was rising by the day which called for a concerted effort between organisations, corporates as well as individuals.
While launching the initiative, Archbishop Muheria said they had projected to feed around 10, 000 households with each receiving a daily ration of Maize meal and vegetables worth Sh 200.
“With this donation, we are well on course in meeting our target,” said the Archbishop as he pleaded with more Kenyans to support by making donations via Mpesa Pay Bill 4023131 under account name Hope.
Brookside Dairy General Manager for Milk Procurement, Emmanuel Kabaki, while making the donation said provision of basic needs such as food was the single most practical step of alleviating suffering of people affected by the disease.
He nonetheless said there was need to support the needy families to start income generating activities that can improve their cash flow to evade the economic disruptions occasioned by the disease.
Kabaki said the youth particularly can be encouraged to start small ventures such as cutting and selling pasture to dairy farmers or even growing and supplying vegetables to urban centres as a source of viable income.
“The weather has been good with plenty of rainfall hence abundance of pasture and youths can be encouraged to cut overgrown pasture for sale to dairy farmers,” Kabaki advised.
The church has also assembled a team of 30 volunteers and 10 professional psychologists to assist those undergoing emotional turmoil as a result of the pandemic by offering free counseling via toll-free number 0800723555.
Archbishop Muheria reported that since inception two months ago, they have received over 2, 000 distress calls through the call centre dubbed the ‘Good Shepherd Call Center.’
By Samuel waititu

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