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Church, Funerals and Weddings not for hate Speech, Clergy

The clergy in Nyandarua County have called on political leaders to desist from using religious forums to fuel discord and hate speech.

Led by the Interfaith Council Chair Bishop Josam Kariuki, the clergy regretted that the county leadership was marred with wrangles that had been dragged to churches and religious forums.

While citing the recent impeachment of County Assembly Speaker Ndegwa Wahome by a section of the MCAs that he termed as unhealthy and destructive, Kariuki said the clergy was ready to oversee the resolutions if called upon.

 “We are ready to sit you down to bring sanity. The church leadership will facilitate a productive discussion where parties will be humane to each other,” noted Kariuki, who led more than 200 clergies in deliberations on their stand.

A section of MCAs said to be allied to Governor Francis Kimemia on January 8, 2021 impeached Speaker Wahome in what the court has halted citing lack of the prerequisite quorum of 30 MCAs.

Nakuru High Court’s Justice Joel Ngugi while sitting on Friday also ordered Kimemia’s faction to desist from issuing further gazzette notices barring the Speaker from accessing the assembly premises and conducting the House’s business.

While barring the leaders from defiling sanctuaries, the clergy said going forward, church services, weddings, harambees and funerals would not allocate time for politicians until sanity was restored in the county leadership.

Funeral events end at the unveiling of the cross, after which politicians can form a separate forum to address the mourners, the said.

He called on the leaders to unite for the development of the county, noting that the citizenry suffered during feuds.

By Anne Sabuni

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