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Church leadership should be honest

A  Catholic Priest has challenged church leaders to seek divine intervention to offer service to the church.

Speaking during a Church Leaders’ inauguration ceremony in Imenti South Deanery, Father Patrick Micheni said some leaders were not able to differentiate between church and any other form of leadership in life.

He said it was unfortunate that in recent times, the number of greedy and selfish people had found their way into church leadership positions making it very difficult for the church to stick to its dignity.

Father Micheni said clear monitoring and evaluation measures had been put in place to ensure leaders intending to practice corruption and mismanagement of resources into the church systems were subjected to existing church and legal procedures of punishment.

“Nobody should be granted the space to drive the church in the wrong direction at the expense of spiritual, social, moral and development,” Father Micheni said.

The Priest said the faithful electing the leaders had an obligation to thoroughly scrutinize persons with outstanding obsession with material wealth so as to keep them away from penetrating into the inner operations of church affairs.

He said allowing greed and dishonesty in the church systems and operations would only be setting a bad precedent to the young Christians who were expected to carry the church to the next level of development.

Father Micheni said church leaders should be driven by an inner push to give church affairs quality time physically along with sacrificing self and material wealth to the benefit of all the faithful and those others that may seek assistance from the church from the larger community.

By  Makaa  Margaret

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