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Church told to scrutinize and advise faithful on BBI

The  Church has been urged to carefully scrutinize and advise the flock accordingly, on the contents of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report, to enable the faithful make informed decisions.

Political and religious leaders said constitutional changes required objective analysis, as it will eventually change the path the country would take in the coming years.

Speaking at Makongeni Full Gospel Church in Thika during the ordination ceremony of Bishop John Chege on Saturday, the leaders said the report should be carefully scrutinized to avoid a repeat of the 2010 new constitution that was passed despite claims that it was 20 per cent contentious.

The  Thika MP, Patrick  Wainaina  who led the political class urged the church to take an active role as they did in 2010, saying had politicians adhered to the advice of the church then, the country would not be facing the many challenges being experienced currently.

Wainaina,  cited the ailing economy as a result of bad constitution, saying any document whether BBI, Punguza Mzigo that seeks to change the constitution must aim to improve the lives of all.

The MP cited the coffee, tea and milk sectors that were at the verge of collapse, saying the BBI must address the economics of changing the citizenry livelihood.

“The church must be at the forefront in spearheading the campaigns of these reports once they are out to the public since politicians have proved that they can’t be trusted.” he said.

Bishop Chege  who  was ordained to head the Thika West Full Gospel Church Parish said once the report is out, the church will take the lead in advising its faithful on its contents.

He emphasized on the need for peace and cohesion which the BBI proponents have actively cited, saying it proved to unify the country.

“We shall scrutinize the document and advice the faithful accordingly. We urge politicians to cool down and shun divisive politics. That time will come and we shall make informed decisions,” said the Bishop.

By  Muoki  Charles

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