Churches urged to help mitigate climate change effects

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Churches have been urged to take charge of mitigating the effects of climate change by growing trees not only in the church compound but also in their respective homes.

Speaking during a tree planting exercise in Baraka Worship Ministries Church in Kitengela, Miss Climate Kenya, Dorcas Naishorua Umaka, said that there is a need for churches to advocate for tree planting as part of their mandate.

“In as much as we are also working with schools, churches also have collective and follow-up responsibility, which is key when it comes to growing trees. Taking care of the environment has always been emphasized in the church; the time is now ripe for its implementation through tree planting,” said Naishorua.

Naishorua noted that when trees are grown, they help absorb excess greenhouse gases that are emitted, which is one of the causes of climate change.

Miss Climate Kenya also remarked that combating climate change will also help in addressing retrogressive cultures, especially within pastoralist communities.

“Climate change has been a contributing factor that has led to a continuous trend in female genital mutilation and early marriages, as when there is drought, the girls are married off in exchange for hay for the livestock, which shouldn’t be the case,” said Naishorua.

President William Ruto launched a nationwide tree-growing and restoration campaign in December 2022. The target of the campaign is to plant 15 billion trees by the year 2032, with each individual requested to plant 30 trees a year, amounting to 300 trees per person in 10 years.

All stakeholders, including community groups, NGOs, schools, churches, and farmers, are called upon to take active part by raising tree nurseries and planting trees in their compounds and forests in all 47 counties.

Miss Climate Kenya also led congregants at Free Pentecostal Worship Baraka and Paranae Church in planting trees after the service.

By Diana Meneto

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