CIPK urge Imams to dedicate Friday sermons to peace

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The Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK) has advised Imams to deliver sermons on peace and make a special prayer for the country to have peace.

CIPK Chairman Sheikh Abdalla Ateka commiserated with families that lost their loved ones in the nationwide protests that were initiated by Gen Z.

“I appeal to all Imams in the towns and villages on Friday to deliver sermons on the importance of peace and loving the country. They should make a special prayer for the country to have peace,” said Sheikh Ateka at the CIPK Mombasa office.

The clerics condemned the destruction of property witnessed in Tuesday’s protests. They urged the youth to halt the protests and heed the President’s call for dialogue for the country to have peace and business to thrive.

“We can’t blame the Gen Z. They had a message to pass and they delivered it well but what we are seeing now we are heading in the wrong direction. Gen Z started well but criminals have hijacked the protests,” said Sheikh Ateka.

“We are witnessing wanton destruction of properties, burning of vehicles, and theft,” he added.

Ateka said the country should take a cue from countries that had similar protests that ended with anarchy.

“Let’s shun tribalism, fueling the protests and destruction of properties of innocent citizens, especially in Mombasa which is known to be a haven of peace,” encouraged the CIPK Chairman.

On his part, CIPK Organizing Secretary Sheikh Mohamed Khalifa said the bone of contention was the Finance Bill, 2024 and since the Head of State declined to append his signature the youth should stop the protests that have been hijacked by criminals to avert loss of more lives and destruction of properties.

“On Tuesday learners were out of school, the transport sector was paralyzed and businesses were affected.

The way you saved Kenya from the Finance bill, now we want you to save the country by halting the protests which will in turn prevent criminals from carrying out atrocities,” Sheikh Khalifa appealed to the youths.

By Sadik Hassan

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