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Civil society call for mobilization to address climate justice

Civil Society Groups on Thursday held a match in Nairobi in demand for climate justice.

The peaceful demonstration which kicked off at the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) building in Upper Hill Nairobi was flagged off by the Principal Secretary for the Ministry of Environment and Forestry Dr. Chris Kiptoo.

Speaking during the flag off, Dr. Kiptoo said that the time for action is now. “I assure you that the government of Kenya takes matters of climate change seriously and that is why the government has signed up and ratified the University of New Mexico (UNM) charter which it has been implementing for the last 26 years,” said the PS adding that the convention has signed up and ratified the Kyoto protocol together with the Paris agreement which help come up with resolutions on climate change.

He added that the government has put in place necessary measures to implement matters that would help mitigate and adapt to climate change and that President William Ruto is taking lead in ensuring he rallies the rest of the world to give matters of climate change high attention.

Kiptoo mentioned Biodiversity and nature loss, pollution and waste, as well as climate change as the three major crises that the world is facing.

He added that over 13 million people are facing starvation in Africa with 4.1 million people being from Kenya.

Further, the PS spoke on the issue of rising lakes in parts of the country saying that it is a threat to human life and property.

“We are experiencing the rise of waters in Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha and Lake Baringo among others. Sh17 billion is needed as part of loss and damage. We support the need to ensure that there is funding for loss and damage. Our negotiators are ensuring that that subject matter is high on the table,” he said.

Dr Kiptoo reiterated the government’s advocacy on the special need and circumstances for Africa to be addressed at the 27th Conference of Parties known as COP 27 which is set to take place in Israel next month.

“I want to assure you that the issue raised on special needs and circumstances for Africa is one that we have advocated for at a very high level because Africa’s situation is worse because we are at the equator and our region is warm therefore, we face greater impact,” added Dr Kiptoo.

Speaking on the issue of funding, Dr Kiptoo said that the government is working with other donors to ensure that Kenya receives the funding.

“We already have funding from the World Bank called Financing Locally-Led Climate Action (FLLoCA). We need Sh62 million dollars in mitigation and adoption, Sh 18 million dollars to mitigate climate change, and Sh 44 million dollars for the adoption of climate change. Despite the challenges, the government of Kenya is committed to raise 13 percent of that from our own resources. We support your voice on the issues of climate change,” said Dr Kiptoo.

On matters of greenhouse gas emission, Dr Kiptoo said that Africa is bearing the greatest impact of climate change as it produces only 4 percent of greenhouse gas emission adding that Kenya’s energy grid is at 92 percent green.

Speaking during the forum, Executive Director of Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) Mithika Mwenda said that the walk has taken place in different places in Africa including Dakar, Morocco and today in Nairobi expressing solidarity with the people of Africa.

“As we go to the COP 27, we want Africa to be recognized as a special needs and circumstances region. To forestall challenges facing the horn of Africa and Saher, we need people to adapt to climate change as well as climate financing,” said Mwenda.

By Emmanuel Kipkoech and Ella Elizabeth

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