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Clergy Discourage Residents Against Handout Culture

A pastor with an evangelical church in Eastlands of Nairobi County has discouraged Kenyans to avoid over dependency on handouts as their chief source of livelihood  but embrace work so that they are rewarded for the proceeds of their sweat.

Pastor William Chiremu Kenya Assemblies of God Chokaa branch while addressing mourners at the Kayole home of the ODM Komarock branch chairman the late John Murunga said he admired the deceased who was always ready to work and never relied on handouts for survival.

The man of the clothe said people and especially the youth should not idle for the better part of the day and expect to be given money they did not work for as God rewarded people in equal measure with the energy and commitment they engaged in social – economic activities.

“I particularly admired the deceased as he would go many kilometers to fix any carpentry works for any client, and his only concern was to reach his destination and not the money he would be paid for the job done, Pastor Chiremu noted.

He challenged the congregation to also support any person with technical skills by engaging them to sharpen their skills. “When you keep giving these people jobs in your homes and institutions, you are helping them to gain experience and therefore remain relevant at all times. After some time, they end up becoming experts while they become self-reliant to a level of engaging more freshers in their specific areas, he said.

Pastor Chiremu observed that there were scores of people in various communities who were trained but lacked opportunities where they could practice what they had learnt either in class or on the job.

It is therefore encouraging when we have individuals who can offer such upcoming artisans including masons, carpenters and other experts an opportunity to work so that they only don’t trust the renowned companies to offer them service.

This way, they will also help fill the gap of unemployment as they engage them instead of only giving registered companies some jobs.

The deceased ODM official succumbed to prostate cancer at Kijabe hospital in Kiambu County after undergoing several surgeries last Monday.

Former aspirant for Embakasi East Member of Parliament Elder Hezborn Omondi also condoled with the family saying he had lost a great man who worked round the clock during the electioneering period.

“John was a team player, mobilizer and a good man who never got fatigued during a day’s work to popularize the party manifesto and her candidates during elections” Elder Omondi said.

The former chairman’s body will be transported to his father’s home in Eshikunga village of Kisa Central of Kakamega County on Friday and will be buried on Saturday. He is survived by a widow and 3 children. Two of them are adults and no longer depended on him.



By Lydia Shiloya

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