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Cleric Protests Use of Religious songs at Cultural Events

A religious leader in Narok County wants the Maasai community to desist from using religious songs during cultural rites of passage arguing most of the practices are outdated and ungodly.

Christian Community Church (CCC) Archbishop Patrick Sayielel complained that gospel praise songs were slowly permeating cultural events like moranism, female genital mutilation (FGM) and early marriages ceremonies.

“How can we accept songs meant to praise God to be the same songs sung in cultural events? This is not good as it compromises the intended purpose of the songs,” he said.

The prelate who spoke to the media in a Narok hotel today asked the Maasai community to shun outdated cultural practices adding they hinder development in the area.

“We want our children to go to school and become role models in the society. Some practices that compromise the standards of education should be completely banned amongst us,” reiterated the Archbishop Sayielel.

He challenged the community elders to teach their children morals that will make them to be respectful men and women in future.

“The elders should be the ones showing the way to the young generation. If they do not condemn early marriages and FGM, then who will?” the archbishop posed.

Archbishop Sayielel who was flanked by some of the church elders also called on parents to spend quality time with their children during this season when schools are closed to mentor and influence them positively.

At the same time, the Pentecostal church elder lauded the government for increasing the number of congregants allowed to attend church services and promised that the church will adhere to the regulations set by the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

On peace in the county, the religious leader urged the government to do what it takes to resolve the underlying land issues that are the root cause of the on and off skirmishes experienced in the county.

“If we resolve land related issues, then we will have resolved half of the conflicts in this county. Land is not growing but the population is growing. That is why we should resolve all land related issues before it is too late,” Archbishop Sayielel said.

By Ann Salaton

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