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Coast Taxi operators caution visitors

Coast Digital Cabs Association (CDCA) has cautioned tourists traveling to the region to avoid unregistered operators

They decried infiltration of the taxi business by rogue operators jeopardizing the safety of passengers.

As the festivities epoch beckon, the region is full of guests of all kinds and the taxi drivers have raised fears that unregistered operators may take advantage of the season and compromise the safety of drivers and tourists.

CDCA Chairman Emmanuel Macharia also raised an issue with a section of foreign online companies that they accuse of failing to assure the safety of drivers due to the nature of their operation.

“The companies are not based here in Kenya; therefore, the regulation of its members becomes difficult. We have tried to reach them but they continue to register people who are not members of our association, this has thus put the safety of our members at risk,” said Macharia.

The online taxi operators now want the National Transport Authority (NTSA) to rein in foreign companies that have continued to operate in isolation.

“We are asking tourists and the general public touring the coast to avoid those foreign taxi applications who operate with impunity, without our involvement.

They are registering anyone who comes to them without even a background check, this has continued to compromise the safety of our drivers and users,” said Macharia.

They now want NTSA to conduct an audit of transport network companies and their operations to confirm compliance with regulations

Macharia questioned the government’s silence while a number of the cab drivers continued to suffer in silence.

Speaking during the joint media briefing held at Uhuru Gardens in Mombasa, Rights of Digital Cabs Association (RDCA) Lance Marley says they are concerned for the safety of their drivers and customers.

The drivers urged the NTSA to delist digital taxi-hailing companies that contravene the recently passed regulations.

The over 1,000 cab drivers held a peaceful protest at the Elephant tusks along Moi Avenue demanding that NTSA reins on rogue drivers and companies.

They said there has been fraudulent pricing by some cab-hailing companies where upfront pricing is being used to control trip undercharges, commission deductions above 18 percent, tax manipulations, and uncompensated promotions to the chagrin of drivers.

 By Sadik Hassan

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