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Commissioner Cautions Public Over Rumors

The Tharaka-Nithi County Commissioner (CC), Ms. Beverly Opwora, has cautioned the residents of the County over social media messages that could cause unnecessary panic among members of the public, especially in relation to Covid-19 isolation centres.
“It is unfortunate that some members of the public are giving misleading information over Covid-19 isolation cases that are already under the hands of health workers yet they are not health experts, trained to handle suspected cases,” stressed the County Commissioner.
Ms. Opwora who was speaking during a media interview today said once suspected Covid-19 cases reach the isolation centres, it is the duty of the medical practitioners to place them in the isolation wards under the guidelines from the Ministry of Health.
“Remandees like any other persons taken to isolation centres are given the necessary attention and it is only health workers who understand the Ministry of Health Guidelines on how to place them in isolation to curb further spread of the virus,” she emphasized.
The CC further cautioned the residents in the County against breaking the Ministry of Health guidelines over the virus or engaging in any other unlawful behavior during this pandemic period or risk prosecution.
Ms. Opwora revealed that there are reports of some people using all unorthodox methods to engage in consumption of alcohol, including at their homes and river banks but cautioned that their days were numbered, adding that she will personally lead the crackdown.
“This is the wrong period to engage in this monkey business and tricks, any unlawful activity, will surely lead to arrest and subsequent prosecution and incarceration,” said the senior Administrator.
She said it is shameful for adults to continue breaking the Ministry of Health guidelines, especially engaging in careless drinking yet they know the risks of this deadly pandemic that also endangers their loved ones.
The CC provided a hotline ‘Mulika’ no 988 and encouraged the members of public to utilize it to expose those engaging in careless consumption of alcohol and help contain the virus from further spreading within the County.
“Whatever the government is advising, is for our own good, anyone who does not heed to the wisdom suffers the consequences since the law enforcers cannot follow everyone around,” Ms. Opwora said.

By David Mutwiri

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