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Commissioner cautions residents against misusing social media platforms

Narok County Commissioner Isaac Masinde has warned residents against misusing social media to pass hate messages that can easily cause chaos in the county during this season as the country heads for elections.

Masinde said the security team is closely monitoring messages on Facebook, Twitter, What’s app, and Instagram platforms and those found guilty of using abusive language will be punished accordingly.

He cautioned administrators in different forums to report any of their members who post hate messages to the police, failure to which they will be personally held accountable of the crime.

“Make sure what you send on social media platforms is not abusive and cannot cause harm. If you send messages that cause division in the country we will come for you wherever you are,” he reiterated.

The County Commissioner who spoke at his office during a media briefing asked residents to be peace ambassadors by preaching cohesion and integration in every forum they attend as all people had a right of living in the county.

“Do not think that because you are on social media, you can communicate anything without being punished. Make sure every single thing you post is positive because we are following,” he said.

In an interview with KNA, John Gakua, a youth leader in Narok town, agreed that most politicians use the young generation to pass their messages on social media which sometimes cause bitter exchange of words.

He called on the youth to be careful of their sentiments on social media as they create a huge impact that can easily cause violence before or after elections.

Instead, Gakua asked the youth to be peace ambassadors reminding them that the country and future belongs to them.

“We will be the greatest losers in case of violence in our country because the economy will be affected hence businesses and job opportunities are threatened. No young person should use social media in a bad way to please the politicians,” he said.

By Ann Salaton

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