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Commissioner Warns Those Encroaching on Public Land

Migori County Commissioner Boaz Cherutich has warned individuals who have grabbed land knowingly or unknowingly belonging to Lichora Airstrip which is undergoing renovation at a cost of Sh 242 million that they risk being prosecuted

Cherutich regretted that the activities of certain individuals neighbouring the airstrip were frustrating the contractor who is undertaking a major upgrade of the airstrip.

“We shall treat all attempts to encroach government land at Lichota Airstrip as fraud and such individuals risk court prosecution,” Cherutich warned while he toured the project on Wednesday with other government officials.

He said the government records are clear on land boundary and anybody claiming to be having ownership records  faces  arrest and prosecution.

The Airways Authority the owner of the project has  established boundary of the 70 acres government land according to KAA official Michael Kamunya.

Kamunya revealed that KAA is in the final stage of processing the land title adding they will soon secure the land by fencing it using modern concrete poles and wire.

He said the modernisation of the Migori Lichota Airstrip is so far 20 percent completed.

According to him, the assigned contractor opened its works mid-July this year and is expected to accomplish the project within 12 months period.

The official  however noted of geotechnical study which revealed excess water at the side which has been so far addressed by reinforcing groundwork and proper water drainage system.

Lichota Airstrip is 5 km on  outskirts Migori town and around 25 km to Isibania border town. Its central position makes it ideal for the growth of Migori and important commercial links with neighbouring countries.

Local and international holidaymakers heading to tourists popular sites of Maasai Mara and Serengeti Game Parks and, the World’s heritage archeological site in Migori – Thim Lich Ohinga – will have an opportunity to use the upgraded airstrip.

By Geoffrey Satia

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