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Committee hails residents for keeping peace during election

Sub county peace committee has hailed residents of Mt Elgon constituency for efforts towards upholding peace before, during and after general election and also recent concluded senatorial by election.

Speaking at Kaptama division, peace coordinator Ptala Naibei said peace witnessed during the two elections testifies that the locals have moved on to the next chapter of lives.

He noted that the constituency has had several sustained activities led by Ministry of interior and coordination in collaboration with the security team whose main agenda was to bring peace and co-existence among various communities.

“Therefore, it is encouraging to note that their efforts have not been in vain,” he said.

He further noted that the constituency came into the limelight between 2006 and 2008 following a bloody inter community conflict that saw the emerging of the defunct dreaded Sabaot Land Defense Force (SLDF) militia group.

“This led to more than 800 people being killed and thousands of others displaced from their homesteads, making it a marked constituency for close security monitoring in elections,” he said.

The coordinator noted that they are pleased with the peace experienced and are happy as a committee saying the communities have buried their hatchets.

Naibei further noted that the community wasted a lot of time during the conflict hence it’s time to engage in development activities.

Assistant County Commissioner Kaptama Patrick Powen noted that as a security team they continue playing their part to ensure there is security in the area and beyond.

By Douglas Mudambo

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