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Committee to fast track issuance of title deeds in Kakuzi farm

Murang’a County Commissioner Mohammed Barre has said he will form a committee which will fast track issuance of title deeds for schools within a farm belonging to Kakuzi horticultural company.

Barre observed that getting the title deeds would help to end the persistent differences between the company and the public institutions located within the horticultural firm’s land.

He said members of the committee would include representatives from the various departments of the national and county government including the county registrar of lands.

Barre said the differences between Kakuzi company and the local community needed to be solved amicably and the company and local residents should coexist peacefully.

He spoke during an occasion when the company donated desks and handwashing facilities among other goods to two schools in the area.

“We understand the contribution of the Kakuzi company to the economy of this country. Thousands of locals are also employed in the company and what we need is peaceful coexistence between the locals, the company and also area leaders,” he added.

The company has for a long time been accused by locals for what they termed as mistreatment of workers and assault of locals by the company’s guards.

The company has also been involved in land tussles with some schools, something which occasionally sparked demonstrations by the locals.

“The law must be followed when solving some differences but I warn residents against breaking the law by invading private property. As leaders, we are here to help in bringing in peaceful coexistence,” added the Commissioner.

There are 10 public schools located within the farm of the company with the Commissioner saying title deeds of the institutions needed to be issued as soon as possible.

Meanwhile the County Commissioner asked head teachers and school principals to provide details of the students’ who were yet to report back to school so as to assist Ministry of Interior administrators to follow up on whereabouts.

“We are working to ensure all students have reported back to school. And this is very possible here in Murang’a. We want the school head teachers to provide us with details of the missing learners and that of their parents so as to facilitate tracking them,” he added.

During the occasion, Kakuzi donated 100 desks to go to two schools namely Gititu Secondary school and Gathugururu primary school.

The schools also benefited with handwashing facilities and sanitary towels for school girls.

On his part, Kakuzi Assistant General Manager of Corporate Affairs Dr. Wilson Odiyo said the company is ready to engage anybody who has complaints about it.

He said the company has friendly relationships with the local community and would continue to support local institutions especially this time when the country is faced with covid-19 pandemic.

“Currently, we are engaging in phase two of support to our schools. This time we will give 235 desks to various schools to help the institutions in attaining the social distance, 5, 000 masks, 28 handwashing facilities, 1, 200 sanitary towels and build seven latrines in several schools,” added Odiyo.

By Bernard Munyao

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