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Committee to restore sanity in government quarters

Civil servants occupying government estates in Mombasa County have been cautioned against engaging in activities that may compromise their continued tenancy of the government quarters.

Mombasa County Housing Committee has sounded the alarm that some of the tenants were going against the government estates tenancy rules.

Mombasa County Commissioner (CC) John Otieno who is also the housing committee chairman said some occupants were engaged in illegal activities such as drug running.

Otieno also pointed out that some of the estates were being used as commercial properties by turning them into car washing bays, garages and motor car repair works and spray painting of vehicles.

“We will not allow government houses to be reduced to illegal business structures, drug dens and criminal hideouts,” said the County Commissioner.

Otieno said this when he addressed the inaugural meeting of the housing committee at his office in Uhuru na Kazi building.

The Administrator also warned of eviction to those subletting government houses to other individuals whether government employees or otherwise.

He said “it is not fair for some civil servants to abuse the privilege of living in government quarters while other deserving public officers rent houses at market rate.”

The County Commissioner directed the Department of Housing to undertake full inventory of all government houses and a census of occupants.

The committee will next week make an inspection visit of government quarters to familiarise itself with the situation on the ground.

At the same time, Otieno said the government is keen to address the housing needs of urban dwellers by funding various affordable housing projects across the country.

He urged civil servants to take advantage of the Housing Scheme Fund (CSHSF) that was established to help those of modest income to own affordable and decent homes.

By Mohamed Hassan


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