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Community Health Promoters urged to work diligently

Community Health Promoters (CHPs) in Migori County have been encouraged to do their work with zeal and not indulge in other businesses which may jeopardise their societal service, which is crucial.

During the Mashujaa Day celebration held at Migori County Stadium in Migori Town, Migori Governor, Dr. Ochillo Ayacko, urged health promoters to serve diligently, noting that the first level of community health starts with the commitments made by the CHPs.

The governor said that the importance of good health is appreciated both at the National and County levels, hence, the role the CHPs are playing to ensure that the nation remains healthy is very crucial.

“We know that primary healthcare is very essential to us, and we know that the first level of contact between the sick person and where the treatment is is through the CHPs,” stated the governor.

During this year’s Mashujaa Day celebrations, Migori County celebrated a total of 2,861 Community Health Volunteers, who have been at the forefront in helping the rural communities with health care services.

The Governor assured the Community Health Workers across Migori County of safety during their door-to-door visit for health promotion, noting that they will be playing a bigger role in helping the County achieve the Universal Health care, at the last mile.

Additionally, Ayacko outlined that his Administration and the National Government are both committed to ensuring that everybody gets Universal Health Care without discrimination.

Speaking during the function, Migori County Commissioner, Mr. David Gitonga, equally urged the Health Promoters, to serve the residents, who are the key interests of the civil servants.

He extended a hand of assistance to the health providers, assuring them that the government is willing to do everything possible to ensure that the Universal Health provision is a success.

On matters of security, the County Commissioner stated that all the security agencies were on high alert to curb any incidences of security breaches and urged the residents not to panic.

Gitonga warned those with intentions of inciting people when there is a problem that relates to security that stern action will be taken against them.

This was also in relation to cattle rustling in the Kuria region, where residents blame political influence from local leaders.

He urged members of the Migori County Assembly to come up with a Bill that proposes branding cattle so that it is easier to trace stolen animals across county boundaries.

The County Commissioner also pledged his support for the fight against FGM in the Kuria region, noting that plans are underway to have a joint baraza with the law enforcers from Tanzania to ensure that no other girl is ‘cut’ during the coming December holiday.

By Gilbert Onyango and George Agimba

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