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Complaints by section of people on BBI addressed in the final draft

The Senate Chief Whip Irungu Kang’ata has said some of the issues which were raised by a section of Kenyans in the first draft of Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report have been addressed in the final document.
Kang’ata on Thursday said now Kenyans can read and understand the final draft before appending their signatures.
Speaking during a burial ceremony in Murang’a town, the senator noted that the majority of issues raised ranging from formation of Ombudsman to creation of extra constituencies have been addressed and thus Kenyans should shun from politicizing the report.
He observed that the Senate has been added responsibility to vet those who will be nominated to sit in the Judiciary’s ombudsman.
“Many concerns have been addressed in the final report. So it is time for Kenyans to read and understand the report. Let us avoid politicizing the document,” he added.
The report he further said will address issues to do with the agricultural sector, which is a core economic activity for many residents of Mount Kenya region.
Some of the proposals in the report especially those touching on agriculture will be addressed through Acts of Parliament.
On Wednesday, President Uhuru Kenyatta together with ODM leader Raila Odinga launched a collection of signatures which will pave way for a referendum on changes in the Constitution.
Kang’ata disputed claims that the Senate will be downgraded after passing the report saying the House will have more powers to vet youth commissioners and oversight funds given to devolved units.
He lauded the report saying it ensures resources reach the lowest units in the society through establishment of ward funds.
“MCAs through creation of ward funds will work independently without being compromised by County bosses. They will perform the duty of oversight to the executive arm of county government without fear of being sidelined and denied development in the areas they represent,” added Kang’ata.
On creation of more constituencies, Kang’ata noted the proposed areas of representation are well distributed telling people from the Mount Kenya region they will benefit through new constituencies.
“Some constituencies within Mount Kenya region are highly populated and with proposed new constituencies the problem will be dealt with,” he further said.
On distribution of resources, Kang’ata said the law change will ensure equitable distribution of resources based on one man one shilling.
“Counties especially those dominated by pastoralists and those which border water sources, their demands were taken into account as references are provided in the draft to ensure the regions benefit from the local natural resources”, said the Senator.

By Bernard Munyao

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