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Completed Matete Stadium to boost sports talents

The on-going upgrading of Matete Sports Ground into a modern stadium has excited locals with great expectations that sports talents in the young Sub-County will be boosted.

Sports Department in the County Government of Kakamega said the stadium has been closed for further sports activities and other events to allow the contractor at the site to accomplish the reconstruction of the stadium which began last year.

According to the Matete Stadium Field Manager Mr John Naminde, the field will have multiple advantages among the community members in the social activities within the community such as sports and special events.

“The completed Matete Stadium will host many sports events and other public events which needs such facility,” Naminde said.

Mr Naminde said after a long period of the community members presenting their complaints to the County Government in need of upgrading Matete Sports Ground, finally a new shape is building up to the advantage of the locals.

The field manager said the stadium covers approximately two acres of land which is 100-meter-long and 68 meters wide.

Naminde said the new Matete Stadium will cater for the community at large and everyone in the community will now have a reason to smile as the field will be of great benefit to them.

The educational institutions in the Matete Sub-County will be able to access the stadium during sports events like the regional and final sports games.

The location of the Matete Stadium is well placed as it is near the market and many social amenities such as Matete Sub-County Hospital, the Police Post and shops within the market.

Mr Malinde said during sports events when a player experienced any injury or any form of sickness developed during the games, one can be easily rushed and treated in the Sub County Hospital which is very close to the stadium.

“Special type of grass planted in the entire field will minimize injury cases during vigorous exercises,” he said.

The field manager said the games which will be mostly played in the field include Football, Netball and Volleyball, Rugby will be played at kivaywa field which has been designed to accommodate such type of games.

The stadium will host key sports in Northern Kakamega County especially in the host Sub-County of Matete, Lugari and even Likuyani Sub-Counties.

Larry Namisi expects that the field will also be used during recruitment of police Kenya Army and any other security special units thus offering an opportunity for their sons and daughters.

The larger Matete community are very pleased with such facility which may be an avenue to their sons and daughters to exploit their talents in different sports activities which will be available.

By Esther Mutaki and Geoffrey Satia


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