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Completion date for Voi pool housing project now in doubt over funds delay

The December deadline for completion of the Sh747 million Voi Pool Housing Project under the Big 4 Agenda is now in doubt after it emerged that the contractor is yet to be paid for works done with funding for two completion certificates yet to be released.

The County Works Officer, Dula Duve, said the completion date for the iconic project was shrouded in uncertainty due to delay of funds for the contractor.

Duve added that already Sh266 million had been paid which is 46 per cent of the total certified amount.

“The contractor has not been paid for two certificates and that will affect his progress. The deadline is now on shaky grounds,” he said.

Voi Pool House started in 1980’s but had delayed for over 20 years due to challenges in funding. In the course of those years, the project has stalled severally with spurts of life in between after some funds were allocated for the construction.

The phase one of the first site of the project comprises of constructing 11 three-bedroom maisonettes with servant quarters and 36 three-bedroom flats, whose completion status is at 96 and 47 per cent respectively. The external perimeter wall is at 80 per cent complete.

The second site has 60- two-bedroomed flats that are at eight per cent complete. A community hall is at 19 per cent done.

The status report by  August 20 showed the general project progress for the project is at 46 per cent.

“Funding is the main challenge and if the contractor is paid on time, he can meet the deadlines,” said the official.

The commencement date as per the contract was December 2012 and the project was to end of November 2014. Since then, there has been several extensions and revision of completion date with the current date slotted at end of December this year.

County Commissioner Rhodah Onyancha said the concerns of delayed funding and late payment of contractor would be escalated at the regional coordination meeting to fast-track and address the bottlenecks of funding for the project.

She noted that the completion of the project was long overdue and there was need to have the project done and ready for commissioning.

“We are concerned by the delays and will raise this matter with relevant authorities for action,” she said.

By Wagema Mwangi


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