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Completion of Kiambu bus park resumes in earnest

The construction of  the  Sh106 million Kiambu bus park has resumed after the cessation of heavy rains that pounded the region late last year, thus delaying construction works.

Speaking to KNA in his office Friday, the project contractor Ibrahim Murage said laying of the paving blocks commonly known as cabros was at 50 per cent completion stage.

The remaining part is set to be completed by the end of this week as all the materials for construction are already on the site.

According to Murage, the project’s completion will see the 3,000 square meters bus park upgraded to include the passenger shades with seats for travellers and a three metres carbo-footpath. T

his will ensure  cleanliness for those boarding the vehicles as they will not step in the muddy areas while accessing the public service vehicles.

He added that beautification of the park was also on course and specifically planting Thika palms that is adopted to the area and does not shed leaves during the dry season, thus providing shade at the bus park,  for better part of the year.

Youths have taken advantage of the project by securing jobs as manual works, further enabling the completion to be realised in record time.

Murage said that there are about 20 workers, eight skilled and and 12 unskilled who are paid on piece rate and that the more the work done the higher the payment. The un coorperative workers have always been suspended from work so that they do not demoralise others.

The shop keepers around the market who had closed down the shops to allow the construction of the bus park have already resumed duties, amid high expectations that their businesses will flourish after the completion of the project.

            The project is funded by the world bank and supervised by the Kenya Urban Support programme officers.

Part of the money has been channelled towards the tamarking of the 2 kilometres Kiambu bypass road that streches from KK Towers to St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, which has also opened up Kiambu town as some motorists are now using it, thus easing traffic congestion and will hopelfully spur economic growth.

According to the contractor, the bypass road was occupied by shopkeepers, but they engaged with them and agreed to relocate to other places until last year, when there was 100 percent  relocation. The construction work of the road is now set to start on Monday along KK Towers but for the other part, only the tamacking is remaining.

“I ask all residents and drivers to exercise patience because of the anticipated traffic congestion during the construction of the road, which will  soon be a thing of the past in the next  month,”  Murage said.

By Brian Ndung’u

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