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Concern as number of street children in Narok town surge

An organisation working to boost the livelihood of street children in Narok town has decried increasing number of street children in the town in the recent past.

Narok County Street Families Initiative (NACOSFI) director Pauline Naikumi said the raise in the number of children and women in the streets was worrying calling on the members of the society to join hands to help eradicate the surging number.

Ms Naikumi spoke during a belated celebration of ‘Mother’s Day’ for the street mothers in the town where she stressed the need to recognize and celebrate those who take care of their families in the street.

During the event that was held at the Narok Town Museum grounds, tens of children living in the streets received gifts which included clothes, food and medical services that were offered by good Samaritans.

“I started this organisation so as to be a hope to the many families that live in the streets. Some of these people in the streets are completely homeless, others were born in the streets while others are orphans,” she said.

Ms Naikumi who also celebrated her birthday with the street families said most of the people in the streets had great potential if given a chance to exercise their talent.

In order to accomplish her mission, the NACOSFI director said she partners with the department of Children, county government and like-minded organisations like Medicatia Hospital that gives free treatment to the street families.

She also mentioned ‘She Achievers Kenya’ organization and a number of well-wishers who donate food and clothes to help the street families.

At the same time, Ms Naikumi lamented of young children joining the street families because of dis-functional families, where parents spend all their productive hours in drinking dens.

“I call upon all parents to take their children to school, provide to them food, clothes and shelter so that they can live a decent life,” she added.

She also called on well-wishers to donate sanitary towels and under garments for the women and girls in the streets.

Medicatia hospital Marketing Manager Douglas Mbaka said they hold regular health discussions with the street families where they advise them on how to remain healthy despite their status.

Mbaka said they carry out regular medical checkups to this group and those diagnosed with ailments are treated free of charge in their health facility.

By Ann Salaton

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