Juja residents on high alert over marauding hyenas

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Residents of Juja Farm in Kiambu County have petitioned the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to save them from the constant hyena menace that has claimed the lives of three people in two months.

They said they live in fear of the ferocious beasts that roam their neighborhood at night looking for prey, adding that the animals have also killed several of their livestock.

The latest victim of the beasts was 35-year-old Robert Mwangi, a labourer at a local quarry who was attacked by the animals as he walked home at Athi Village, Juja Sub County on Thursday night. The other two victims were killed on different dates in November and December last year.

A dismembered body of Mwangi was discovered by neighbours in a bush on Friday morning after he was mauled by about eight hyenas.

Martin Nzioka, his colleague at the quarry said the body had been so badly mutilated that they were only able to identify him from the clothes and boots he was wearing.

Villagers feared that their children who leave very early in the morning to go to school might fall prey to these animals.

Most of the hyena victims are helpless drunkards who are attacked as they head home from their drinking spree.

“These animals roam in packs of over five and they will overpower you and with our children going to school as early as 5am, how safe are they from these animals?” wondered Roselyn Nduta, a mother.

They also claimed that they stopped getting to their homes late and have been forced to move in groups for fear of the animals.

Athi village is one of the remotest parts of Juja Sub County bordering Kiambu and Machakos counties.

By Muoki Charles

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