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Concerns raised over illegal power connections in Busia

An official working with the Kenya Power Company in Busia County has expressed concern over illegal power connections in the County.

Speaking during a Government Delivery Service Committee meeting on Thursday, Busia County KP Business Manager Kennedy Sidera said that the illegal connections are causing great losses to the company.

“Right now I can only account for 49% of my revenue,” he said, urging stakeholders to join hands and weed out the illegality.

Sidera attributed the rampant power outages experienced in the County to the strained transformers due to illegal connections.

“Companies can only offer quality services if we give information,” he said, appealing to stakeholders to report such individuals.

He further said that trees planted on private parcels of land were also interfering with the power way leaves, urging the local administrators to assist in sensitizing the public on the need to plant trees away from the power lines.

“This will help sustain a more reliable power supply in Busia,” he said, explaining that the company is usually forced to switch off the power immediately when it starts raining basically because of the encroachment on the power lines.

He urged the stakeholders to support the company explaining that energy is an enabler of the economy.

By Salome Alwanda

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