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Concerted efforts in keeping girl child in school

Girl child rights groups and other relevant stakeholders in Lugari Sub-county have been tasked to ensure girls remain in school and accomplish their education.

The Sub-county Kenya Primary Schools Heads Association, Chairman, Mr. Tobias Omusale while speaking today in Lumakanda Market noted that parents, teachers and other key stakeholders, should join hands and ensure girls in primary and secondary schools, do not get pregnant or engage in early marriages.

Omusale expressed regret that some parents have abdicated their parental responsibilities, with the notion that teachers would keep their daughters in schools, while they are busy elsewhere.

“We teachers have our role of ensuring girls remain in school, but also believe that parents play a major role too,” he said.

The KEPSHA Chair welcomed other girl child groups to team up with the teachers, parents and advocate for the girl child education, which he said is always frustrated by early pregnancies and marriages.

Omusale said there was a need for other stakeholders for instance the boda boda and religious groups, to have one voice supporting girls and boy’s education in the Sub-county.

He expressed confidence that coordinated stakeholders efforts are the only way of stopping early marriages among school going girls.

“As teachers we are committed to register zero drop out due early marriages or pregnancies,” he added.

The Chair said with the help of Ministry of Education guidelines, teachers have always worked hard to guide girls and boys, to accomplish their education without difficulties.

He, however, asked state and non-state bursary institutions, to consider the neediest students while selecting those to be sponsored, as Form Ones are preparing to join next week.

Omusale proposed a joined Sub-county Committee comprising bursary awarding intuitions or groups, which will ensure no girl or boy in need of education is left out.

The Chair revealed that there were many girls and boys forced to discontinue their education because there was no proper study on their extent of neediness.

Speaking separately, the Sub-County Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), William Lenaremo, called on the parents to follow-up the education of their children while in school.

Lenaremo said his office was deeply concern with number of girls who drop out of school due to pregnancy or early marriages in the Sub-county

The DCC said he was working with school heads in the Sub-County on modalities of keeping girls and boys in school while ensuring they keep off hard drugs and substances.

Lenaremo asked the local residents to spend government long holidays which starts tomorrow wisely. He urged the youths to avoid being used wrongly by the politicians.

By Geoffrey Satia

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