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Connectivity to improve government services

The fibre optic connectivity from Eldoret to Nadapal in Turkana will improve government services along the development corridor.

Director ICT Paul Rono said that the connectivity will also increase employment and income generation in ICT sector in the regions.

Rono was speaking yesterday when he led a team of ICT officials in inspecting the project at Maili Saba village in Kitale.

The project is part of the Eastern Africa Regional Transport trade and development facilitation programme whose initiative is to facilitate efficient movement of persons, goods and services between Kenya and South Sudan.

The project aims at facilitating and lowering the cost of intra –regional trade to support regional co-operation and integration of economies in the sub regions.

The main focus of the project in on making the North Western part of Kenya and south Eastern part of South Sudan more accessible via road and internet connectivity.

According to Rono, the fibre optic connectivity will extend the geographical reach of broad band networks including enhanced international connectivity for both South Sudan and Kenya.

He said that once completed, the project will lower internet service costs putting in consideration that the development corridor has been using satellite connectivity which is slower and more expensive.

He further said that the shift to optic fibre cable will reduce costs through high internet speed.

“Government services will also be readily available especially through huduma centres and will also access government services online,” he said.

Accordingly, there will be increased employment and income generation in ICT sector given that youths will be able to work online.

Rono told the press that a strengthened policy and regulatory frame work is in place that will support increased competitiveness and realization of an integrated infrastructure development approach that will reduce ICT costs and promote improved ICT services.

By Pauline Ikanda

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