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Consider Kirinyaga in the provision of Emergency relief fund

Kirinyaga county women Representative Wangui Ngirici has asked the National government to include Kirinyaga County in the provision of Emergency relief fund.
Wangui said apart from the current situation of floods and landslides being experienced in Kirinyaga, the lower part of the County is semi arid and people there at this time needs some support.
Wangui said Kirinyaga should be considered alongside other affected areas like the western region and should not be assumed it am agricultural county thus with no need for food and other relief supplies.
“We have over 300 families that have been displaced by the floods and now sleeping in a nearby school. Those families are in need of food and blankets to ease their sufferings’ Wangui said
Wangui said the County government should also be in the frontline in assisting the victims and utilize the shs 24 million recently by the County Assembly in the fight against the spread of Covid -19 pandemic.
“The people need to feel the impact of the of the government use of the fund allocated for their user and not provision of just several masks and hand washing tanks” Wangui said.
The legislator said she received an allocation of shs 522 thousand form the 24 million allocated to women representatives from the 47 counties.
She said the allocation was not even enough for the procuring of masks which she has been distributing to the residents across the count y.
‘I have been using my own resources to provide food to the needy and the vulnerable, especially those above 55 years who are not able to go out in search of their foods.’ She said
Wangui appealed to those who are able to pool their resources together and make sure they come to the rescue of the neediest in the society.
Wangui said when she started food distribution in across the county she was only giving the elderly and vulnerable which has now changed to include almost everybody out their needs.
“There were those working in Nairobi and supported their families which they are now not able to do, thus leaving them desperate and vulnerable.
“This is why we don’t understand the idea behind our governor spending shs 45 million in the provision of bursary while schools are closed” she said
She said that kind of money should have gone to buy food and other basic requirements for the needy people of Kirinyaga.
“Who is in school to receive that kind of money the governor purports to have sent to them, this is why we should work together as leaders to place the priorities of our people right” Wangui said.
She asked the county government to increase their food supply and utilize the money the county assembly had allocated to them to reach everyone who was in need and not only a few food products.
On the recent Jubilee purported changes which saw the leader of Majority Kipchumba Murkomen replaced by Samuel Poghisio , Wangui said it was wrong and against the party constitution,..
She said she is a member of the National governing council of Jubilee, representing over 365 thousand members and had not been called upon to make any changes in the party.
She asked the Judiciary to be impartial and uphold justice by accord Kenyans the respect they deserve.
‘I am a National governing council member and we have not been called upon to make any changes to the party thus whatever is happening is against the law, ‘she said
The women representative was speaking at various locations in Mwea East Sub County which included Nyangati, Difathas, Ngucwi, Mathangauta and Kangu, while giving food and face masks to people.
Area chiefs were also provided with masks and water tanks for use by those who to seek services in their offices.
By Dorris Wanyagia

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