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Construction of Trenches Gives Maua Town a New Facelift

Residents and business persons of Maua town have a reason to smile following ongoing construction of trenches to drain water and sewer which often flood in front of their business premises during the rainy season.

Meru County Government is rolling out the beautification programme, set to improve drainage and lift the status of the miraa business town.

Speaking to KNA, town administrator, Timothy Mwenda, maintained that the county government is committed to give Maua town a new look with clean and attractive environment for trading and other social amenity services.

“We are grateful with the work the county government is doing to improve the looks of Maua town including putting cabro blocks and building trenches to beautify our growing town,” Mwenda said.

He also added that the trenches will reduce losses incurred by the business persons during the heavy rains which flood their stalls and cause damage to their goods.

One of the renowned business people in the town, Mugambi Winners, thanked the county government for addressing their concerns, noting, they will not discontinue their businesses again due to flooding.

In the same breath, the town chairperson, Samuel Kaumbuthu, also congratulated the county government for the initiative saying the facelift will not only prevent destruction from floods, but also beautify the town which was initially characterized by dilapidated wooden bridges, which were used for crossing over to business premises affected by the floods.

By Kamanja Maeria and Hilda Wairimu

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