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Contractors told to ensure quality works

Contractors have been told to ensure their projects meet the expected quality.


Speaking during the inspection of Kainuk Bridge, Turkana south deputy county commissioner Philip Sigei said contractors must not compromise the quality of works in order to save time and resources.

1(Left) County director of presidential delivery unit Martin Rotich leads government officers in inspecting the Kainuk Bridge on Tuesday July 16, 2019

“We want contactors to complete the projects in time but that must not be done at the expense of quality of the works,” said Sigei.


His sentiments were echoed by County director of presidential delivery unit Martin Rotich.


Rotich noted that delays in completion of works caused other unforeseen challenges like higher costs which are incurred by contractors.


He noted that delay in completion of the Kainuk Bridge had brought about a dispute in renewal of the lease where the contractor has set camp.


However, the contractor said they are in talks with the community which leased the six parcels of land over rates which they should pay.


The bridge is being constructed by China Hemant international group limited who cited delays in relocation of land owners who are on the project site and insecurity for delays in timely completion of the project.

Ongoing construction works at Kainuk bridge


The company had asked for four more months until December to complete the project.


The Sh. 1.5 billion bridge which is the main link between Turkana and the rest of the country is 9.4 km long and includes 3km approach road.


Once completed the bridge will greatly enhance transportation in and out of the county and neighboring south Sudan.


Last year, the bridge collapsed interrupting transportation and caused great loss to passengers and traders who were forced to spend days by the bridge.


By Peter Gitonga

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