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Council of Governors commit to protect devolution

Council of governors will continue to defend devolution even as they wait to receive new members after the general election.

Speaking at Kirinyaga County during inauguration ceremony of Governor Ann Waiguru, Council of Governors (CoG) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mary Mwiti said since the inception of devolved units the CoG has been in forefront in defending and ensuring unity across all the 47 counties.

“For last nine years, the council of governors has been the number one defender of devolution and facilitating all county governments to speak in one voice in matters of common interest,” Ms. Mwiti said.

The CEO also said they will not allow any activity which may derail any achievements made so far in ensuring success of devolution. She added that the council will coordinate all intercounty activities and act as a channel of communication from the national government and all other partners.

“We are steadfast in fighting against any stumbling block in devolution such as delay of disbursement of county funds, incomplete transfer of functions and interference with county powers,” she noted.

“All gains made over the years need to be safeguarded and I call upon all governors to stand firm.”

She noted that as the council they will ensure smooth transition having developed a comprehensive induction programme for the governors, deputy governors and county officials in line with their mandate of facilitating capacity building.

Mwiti also celebrated matured Kenya democracy as the council will receive a total of seven elected women governors. She said women have been facing challenges and they are overcoming them by occupying top leadership positions.

She encouraged young girls to rise up to challenges by seeking elective positions available in our country.

“In 2013 we did not have a single elected woman governor but a handful deputy governors. After the 2017 election we had three governors unfortunately one, Governor Joyce Laboso, passed on in 2019. In this dispensation we are marching proudly with seven elected governors.”

“Our girls should watch these strong women taking governorship positions and take top leadership,” Mwiti said.

Ann Waiguru is the only woman who was able to recapture the gubernatorial seat after Charity Ngilu opted out of the Kitui county race.

By Mutai Kipngetich

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