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Economic block sourcing for independent markets to boost sales

Coffee and tea growing counties in the Central Region Economic block (CEREB) are looking for independent markets to add to the traditional ones to enhance sales of the produce.

            The chairman of CEREB Mr Francis Kimemia noted that the move would ensure farmers reaped more returns from their sweat.

            Kimemia who is also the Nyandarua County Governor was speaking yesterday after a meeting with the British High Commissioner to Kenya Jane Marriot at Aberdare Country Club in Nyeri County.

            “Most of the counties that are growing tea and coffee are looking for independent markets and that is why we are teaming up with development partners, “Kimemia said.

            The Governor said the move will place counties at a better position to negotiate for better prices and add more money to the farmers.

             “We can now be able to create independent markets for our people and that is why we are engaging more economic development partners and the UK is one of them,” he said.

            The county boss reaffirmed the government’s commitment to boost the economic empowerment of farmers in the region citing the Sh 3 billion Coffee Cherry Advanced Fund, managing the Kenya Uganda border to curb counterfeit milk products that had flooded the Kenyan market and enacting a law to pack potatoes into 50 kgs.

            The chairman noted that improved economic power is expected in the central Kenya region if Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) that gives more resources to the devolved units is passed.

            He urged the locals to ignore the distorted facts and propaganda being peddled by anti BBI proponents and back the initiative.

             Kimemia at the same time underscored the need for the region to invest heavily on the youth agenda to empower and save the youth from alcoholism and the drugs menace that is rampant in the area.

by Mwangi Gaitha

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