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County Assembly donates foodstuff to children’s hospital

Migori County Assembly staff have put a smile on the faces of vulnerable and orphaned children at the OVI Children’s Hospital in the county by donating foodstuffs and cash worth Sh 200,000.

The heartwarming event led by Migori County Assembly Speaker Charles Likowa emphasised the importance of collective responsibility in making a positive impact on the lives of needy, orphaned, and less privileged children.

Migori County Assembly staff celebrating with children from OVI Children’s Hospital in Migori. The County Assembly staff donated foodstuffs and cash worth Shs 200,000. Photos by Belinda Oyanda

The Children’s Hospital located in Migori town has over the years been identifying children who need medical assistance from the needy, orphans, and vulnerable backgrounds to cater for their treatment.

Likowa said that they decided to visit and support the sick children at the institution to help promote and contribute to the overall well-being of society.

He urged those who could provide a helping hand to do so to support the less privileged in society during this festive season.

The initiative aims to support the hospital by celebrating with the needy children as an act to inspire ongoing support for those who have similar initiatives in the county.

The Hospital Administrator Hellen Aoko, expressed her gratitude to the County Assembly staff for their act of humility.

Aoko explained that the institution aimed to transform the health, happiness, and security of the vulnerable. The centre has also been working through research to try and understand why children become orphans in order to put new systems in place that break the cycle of abandonment.

She disclosed that so far, the centre has 35 children under treatment and care, and some are currently undergoing cancer treatment.

“I am grateful for the support we have received from the County Assembly, and I would urge them to extend their support to other institutions that are supporting the less privileged children in the county,” said Aoko.

Migori County Assembly Clerk Vincentia Kionge urged the administration of the OVI Children’s Hospital to be diligent in what they are doing to ensure that the kids have a smile at the end of their recovery journey.

Kionge added that the County Assembly staff will continue to give the necessary support to the less privileged in society to inspire hope for those affected.

By Belinda Oyanda

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