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County boss launches weekly town cleaning exercise

Garissa Governor Nathif Jama has launched a weekly town cleaning exercise in a bid to reduce garbage which has piled up over several months putting the area residents in health hazard risks.

He called on members of the public to take responsibility and embrace proper waste disposal systems and avoid littering the streets.

Speaking during the launch of the exercise at Garissa town, Nathif challenged residents of Garissa town and its environs to maintain a high level of cleanliness.

“I want to appeal to members of the public, schools and higher learning institutions to volunteer on Sundays for the cleaning exercise to spruce up the image of Garissa town which belongs to all of us. We all want to leave in a clean environment,” Nathif said.

The most common types of litter are food packaging, bottles, cans, plastic bags, paper and tobacco products which clog drainage systems, causing flooding during the rainy seasons.

The governor who was flanked by members of the County Assembly led by the Deputy Speaker who is also Iftin ward MCA Mustafa Abdirashid, expressed his commitment to ensure the image of Garissa town is spruced up.

He said waste disposal containers will be placed at various strategic points by the town and everyone was expected to only use them to dispose garbage warning against disposing of plastic containers in the road drainage.

“I want to fire a warning shot to people littering the town. If you are caught throwing litter anywhere instead of at the designated places you will be arrested and charged. It is time we all become responsible,” the governor warned.

The county has for the last two weeks been engaged in cleaning up the storm drainages to prevent the perennial destruction to property that is often caused by flash floods at the Garissa market commonly known as Suk Mugdi.

By Fahid Mohamed and Grace Kamau

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